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24 April 2011 @ 10:53 pm
Why must you build me up?  
bluebraid 's banner. Friends Only because if you're going to read my whines deep thoughts, I want to make sure you're committed and will call me the next day. But first we'll cuddle and I'll just know that whatever we have? It's the real deal. You'll take my hand and swear that we'll make it. Oh, oh living on a prayer. So just comment, and we'll be closer to living on a prayer. 
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Colonel Mustard-Custard: Kid Cuddi: Drink uptrombone_it on August 11th, 2011 06:35 pm (UTC)
Dear Stranger,

I thank you for alerting me to this impostor. I've heard from sources, ones I cannot name, that this impostor plans to make rounds on other adding communities! It's obviously a Russian who is doing all this damage to my fine name and at this rate will steal my subway club card. Something I've devoted my whole life's work in hope of a free sandwich.

I know with my identity being stolen would make you suspicious, but I would like to know more about who you are.

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Bikini Bottom and hope you tried some of the finest food that is sold here.

Good Day.

zombie dance bandzombiedisco101 on August 12th, 2011 03:58 am (UTC)
Our Lady of the S'hed,

We (Looeegee, Slim Hips 5, Yvette the Pretty, and Claudine the Enforcer), here at ISCU, Interpol's Sandwich Crimes Unit, are, frankly, amazed, dazzled and confused, mouth agaped, truncated in the extreme, and curious as an old toad left for dead for centuries in the fast lane of the road to Mandalay, who suddenly uncroaks back to life singing something from the second act of Phantom of the Zombie Opera, a song we're not too sure the name of since even uncroaked frogs tend to have trouble with enunciating lyrics -- that your instincts are so finely tuned. Of course, it is a Russian plot, devised by members of the Russian Mayonnaise Mafia to conquer the world, one Subway sandwich card at a time. ("Hold the mayo? Like, hold it where, sweetheart?")

That you could sense this is stupendous, and we are all (see above) sufficiently stupendousified as to be as close to speechless as is possible. ("My friends and fellow countrymen, I have here today to ... um ... er ... words escape me when I try to describe how ... uh ... oh, fuck it.")

Thank you for your help in this matter. As a sandwich crime fighter, please expect to receive shortly in your interwebs mail, a special two-for-one coupon for the Subway sandwich of your choice.

And in a brief aside -- our trip to Bikini Bottom "was" amazing. The place was so clean and spotless, you could eat off the floor ... which suddenly sounds strangely intriguing. Anyway -- our compliments to the cleaning crew.

Your friends at ISCU (see above).